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about us

Our team believes that with its own website, any business needs a program that would help to interact with regular users and new customers who actively use modern devices.

Adaptive sites for gadgets are not always relevant, so the only right solution would be to develop mobile applications, which you can entrust to the specialists of 101ants. We guarantee that the investments made in advanced software pay off in the shortest possible time and give the result.

Our Services

&  services
Line managers, product managers, project managers, sales managers, human resources managers
Copywriters, editors, web and graphic designers, UX / UI designers, illustrators

PHP, Android, IOS, Ruby, C++, Go, Python, C#, Java, Java Script, Perl, Xamarin, .Net, Unity ...
A reliable, competent and efficient staff is the key to the success of any organization. Our mission is to assemble the "dream team" quickly and for a long time.

  • We will identify a really productive employee.
  • We will find a specialist with maximum skills.
  • We will select the right candidate who fits perfectly into the corporate culture of the company.
  • We will select new employees based on their motivation and ability to achieve the final result.

Our team of specialists

is ready to develop a mobile application for all types of devices


of our mobile apps
- increase sales by giving customers the ability to make orders without opening a browser;
- simplify the search for products in the online store;
- inform customers about new products, promotions, optimize personal account management, etc.